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Furniture Leasing Solutions


Thanks to our decades of industry experience Office Central Interiors can offer a leasing option for every office size, design & budget. We have an extensive range of office furniture for hire, including workstations, adjustable height desks, office chairs and contemporary furniture.

Save Money and Keep Your Business Agile

In uncertain times, it may be better not to tie your company's capital to non-revenue generating assets. Tax deductions and attractive rates for office furniture rental make renting a cost-effective solution for your business. With solutions to shrink, grow, refresh, or upgrade your office furniture, OCI can advise on the workplace design, layout, and furniture that will best suit your requirements.

When you lease from OCI, you gain access to hundreds of in-house furniture options as well as a carefully curated furniture collection from our industry-leading supply partners. OCI caters to office projects that can last from 3 months to 3 years. Whether you wish to rent, lease or own your furniture, we can assist in providing a tailored financial leasing solution for your business.

Why Lease Furniture?

When you lease from OCI, you gain access to a vast selection of curated furniture from our industry-leading supply partners.

You Can Conserve Your Working Capital

Buying office furniture can help your business generate more income. However, it will also take part of your capital from circulation. A lease offers capital retention that you can use for other parts of your business. You don't just retain your capital; you'll also have additional earnings generated from your lease.

Gain Obsolescence Hedge

Leasing can help businesses update their equipment, allowing them to gain an obsolescence hedge. You'll be able to avoid the pitfalls of owning obsolete furniture through leasing. If your lease has "add-on" provisions or "trade-up," this will answer your business' need to replace the furniture you have either outgrown or is no longer suitable for further use.

You Get An Alternative Source To Debt

Leasing your office furniture helps you preserve traditional funding lines with loan covenants. If you're an expanding company, then this is a very attractive advantage for you. Leasing can help you when "tight" money conditions happen during an expansion. It'll also be possible for you to pay the furniture you leased "on time" without it being considered as your business' debt.

Gain Tax Advantages

The office furniture leasing payment is 100% tax-deductible if you structure your lease agreement with a fair market value buy out. Leasing can help you gain tax advantages through a $1 buyout lease and the Fair Market Value (FMV) lease.

Temporary furniture for specific projects

OCI caters to office projects that can last from 3 months to 3 years. Whether you wish to rent, lease or own your furniture, we tailor office and executive hire packages to suit your project.


Leasing examples (rates subject to change)

Equipment Cost     24 months      36 months       48 months           60 months

 $5000.00               $252/month    $177/month     $139/month        $117/month