Supplying the HEALTHCARE, LIBRARY, EDUCATIONAL & COMMERCIAL "Working Environments" with DESIGN SERVICES and FURNITURE that meets the needs of today's working population.

Terms & Conditions

In the event that delivery, installation and/or move services are required as part of the proposal, the following conditions will apply:
1. Condition of the Job Site. The job site shall be clean, clear and free of debris prior to installation.
2. Job Site Services. Electrical current, heat, hoisting and/or service at the prescribed and arranged time(s) will be furnished without charge to the seller.
3. Delivery during normal business hours. Delivery of goods and/or services will be made during normal working hours or as stated in the quotation. Additional labour costs resulting from stairs or overtime work performed at the buyer’s request will be passed on to the buyer.
4. Protection of delivered goods. Goods delivered and brought on the job site scheduled shall be inspected and accepted by the buyer. The responsibility for security and safeguarding of delivered goods shall at this time be transferred to the buyer.
Any additional costs incurred by the seller resulting from any of the above situations shall be passed on to the buyer for their account.

In the event that construction and/or site delays or other events not within our control, force postponement of the installation, we will store the goods until installation can be resumed. Transfer and storage charges incurred shall be quoted and passed on to the buyer.
In these instances, invoices will be issued and payable based on the original installation date. In such event the buyer shall have the right to withhold 10% of the invoice amount against completion of the contract.
In the event of a damage where most or all of the goods have been delivered, the client is required to pay for the goods in full minus a 10% hold back until the damaged goods have been replaced. Should the manufacturer supply an incorrect piece(s) but most of the goods have been delivered, the client is required to pay for the goods in full minus a 10% holdback.
No liability shall accrue against the seller as a result of any breach of these terms and conditions resulting from any strike, lockout, work stoppage, accident, Act of God, or other delay beyond the seller’s control.
The title and ownership of the subject matter of this sale shall remain with the seller until full payment is received from the buyer. This includes the cost of any accepted adjustments or other costs incurred under the above mentioned terms.
All items received in good condition are non returnable. Should a return be accepted by OCI, conditions will apply. Authorized returns will be subject to shipping, handling and restocking fees. These charges will be the responsibility of the buyer.                                                                                                            PAYMENT                                                                                                             All orders must be paid in full at time of purchase. All sales are final.