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Bridges by Global Contract

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The most versatile desking solution just got better! Global Contract is proud to introduce Bridges Collaborative Seating, a highly flexible collection of lounge seating, privacy screens, tables and power.

At its core, Bridges II focuses on linear, back-2-back table assemblies, and its expanded toolbox makes it ideal for a multitude of workplace solutions - it can even be integrated with system furniture. This freestanding system allows you to mix it up, throw ideas around, be mobile, and connect the dots in different ways. Bridges II is completely customizable with its variety of workstation configurations, finishes and features including worksurface power/data access, glass or laminate part.

Complimentary 2D & 3D drawings available for all Office Central registered customers. Please inquire about our registration process to see if your company qualifies.

Lead Time: 4-6 week