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Counter-Top Sneeze Guard Full Screen

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Countertop Sneeze Guard - Richelieu Hardware


Instantly create a protective barrier

Designed to shield and protect from the spread of germs and bacteria.
Hospital-grade solid surface base with pre-installed 1/4 in (6.35 mm) acrylic screen with polished edges.


Thickness 1/4 in


Ideal for use in reception areas. checkout counters, restaurants and hospitality industries as sneeze-guards and protective screens
Other possible applications include privacy partitions in banks, offices, and reception areas.


- Can be installed on any flat surface to instantly create a protective barrier
- Tool-less installation thanks to pre-installed double-sided tape
- Choose from full screen or model with pass-through window
- Solid surface base is non-porous and easy to clean and disinfect


Maintenance: clean with a soft cloth and nonabrasive soap or ammonia.

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