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Dual Screen (500782330)

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Dual-Screen, Double-Extension Arms with Height-Adjustable Segment (One per Screen)

Flexibility and modularity reach new heights with the new Dual-Mounting Height Adjustable Desk hub from Richelieu. The monitor arm hub provides an ideal solution for multiple monitor configurations. Discover the unlimited possibilities with the new 500782 series, a highly flexible, ergonomic solution. The 500782 series support allows you to provide two displays for one user, or one display each for two users.

Double-extension models allow 25-1/8" of back-and-forth movement. The arm folds back to the post for more desk space and arm swivels 360° around the base, increasing the display position options. With the clamping range of 1/2" to 2-3/4" that is standard for the Concerto, this new arm will work with any work surface.