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Clear, White or Frosted Freestanding Multi-Workstation Acrylic Tabletop Wellness Screens

Size: 591/2W x 291/2D x 231/2H”

· Acrylic panels create physical barriers between people and workspaces to better support social distancing initiatives and COVID19 return-to-workplace strategies
· Functions on any large flat surface like a tabletop or bench to separate a single space into four individual work areas – no edge clamps or fasteners required
· Helps reduce exposure to airborne droplets and moisture produced by sneezing, coughing and talking
· Panels made from 100% white, frosted or clear acrylic for simple, wipe-down cleaning and maintenance
· Clear panels allow for positive and professional face-to-face interactions while helping limit physical contact
· Opaque white panels enhance visual privacy when working with sensitive documents or private information
· Translucent frosted panels allow more light to pass than white panels while still providing a measure of visual privacy greater than that of clear panels
· Freestanding design offers easy relocation or repositioning as needed
· Sets up and tears down quickly with simple one-step assembly
· Smooth, clean edges on all components ensure a professional look and safer handling
· Ideal for use in collaborative workspaces, meeting areas and open office environments

Lead Time: Varies 3-5 weeks