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Sonoma (GCLBT05RN)

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  • One right opening door with adjustable shelf, 20.5"d x 22.5"w x 30"h 
  • Model GCLBT05RN with no casters,  GCLBT05CRN has two manual locking swivel casters on back, GCLBT05R4CN has four manual locking swivel casters
  • Different fascia styles : arc, wave, scallop, linear
  • Available with one adjustable shelf,  one fixed shelf and two drawers,  one drawer and one adjustable shelf,  one fixed shelf and one opening door, one drawer and one opening door
  • Ventilation openings strategically incorporated into each unit
  • Different fascia styles : arc, wave, scallop, linear
  • Bed headboard and footboard matches fascia designs
  • Power option on fascia, one lock is available for the top drawer of all bedside cabinets
  • Pricing shown is based on a minimum order quantity of 6 pieces
  • Shipped partially assembled