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Zira™ 2 Person Workstations (Typ ZRA512)

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A contemporary desking solution with extensive options to personalize your workspace.

  • For the managerial application or executive office, create a work environment that meets your work surface needs and storage requirements. Then go ahead and personalize it!
  • Select from the following: hundreds of components for any size or shape office, storage components that can tower to 84" high, wide selection of laminate finishes, several edge options and thickness sizes, handle options in silver, black, nickel or brass finishes,  glazing options on doors and modesty panels, and lastly, work surface grommets and power blocks for your electrical needs.
  • Work surface grommets available in Black only.
  • Zira is your most functional solution to work environment efficiency and organization.

 Consists Of:

QTY  SKU  DESCRIPTION 1  Z2472ECNL  Left Extended Corner Desk 1  Z2472ECNR  Right Extended Corner Desk 1  Z36S2XNL  29.5H MIX STOR W/OPEN COMPRT 1  Z36S2XNR  29.5H MIX STOR W/OPEN COMPRT 2  Z16S2ESHL  29.5H END SHELF LEFT 2  Z16S2ESHR  29.5H END SHELF RIGHT 1  Z48RS  Spanner Island w/Monopost 2  Z36S43F  41.3H 3 FILE 2  Z36S4EN  41.3H 2 FILE 1  DGP1248  12" HIGH GLAZED PANEL 2  DPOST12  DIVIDER POST 12" HIGH Available in many laminate colors and sizes     
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